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What the hell is an Imza?

Imza is a multi-genre style-smashing beast of electronic dance music. From vinyl to CD, and now performing on JazzMutant Lemur, Imza's high-energy speaker pounding sounds are heard all over St. Louis. He holds residencies with Blue Ocean Sushi as well as anime conventions such as NatsuCon and AnimeStL, and has been heard as far as Cincinnati, Tulsa, Chicago, and Japan. Known for his remixes of M-Project, TeddyLoid, and video game tunes, it won't be possible to leave the dance floor of BPM sweeps from this attention-deficit next-level scream-machine.

What has Imza done for me lately?

In April 2014, I performed at the Boogie Knights BASS CAVE event, One Knight Underground. In March 2014, I had the opportunity to perform with Savant (Aleksander Vinter) at 2720 Cherokee. Savant has always been one of my personal heroes of music.

Upcoming Events

Wompy Wednesdays @ Upstairs Lounge August 20, 2014
I LOVE MONDAYS @ Upstairs Lounge August 25, 2014
Anime House Tuesdays @ Upstairs Lounge August 26, 2014
PixelPop Video Game Festivial @ Webster University September 14, 2014

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